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Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
sort of like a jack in the box. you ended up and it pops out and says help the rich. cut taxes for the poor unfortunate masses of corporate ceo's. that is what turns me off about the republican party. because they have done a time after time. as i said those years ago, for broader reasons. that is where they go. it is one of their weakest and less supportable attributes. >> when were you ever wrong when you look back at how you analyze things? >> you mean hugely wrong? >> no, i mean, when you look back and say i missed it. or have you been on target all the time? >> as far as minor things are somewhat minor things, to take one, i really did not think that george w. bush would ever become president. and i think it would have been nicer if he hadn't. i did not expect the republicans to win congress in 1994 until it was almost upon us. i did not expect that six months earlier. a big mistake was to not take ronald reagan as seriously as i should have. granted, he was not the deepest president we ever had. but he was pretty effective in his own way. and i did not take that seriously eno
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am EST
reagan administration. i remember the old howard jarvis tax revolution in california and things like that. you had a whole sequence of radical conservatives also the beginnings of the religious right in the south. this was not a traditional conservatism. >> april of 2003, wealth and democracy, political history of american rich. >> that was more the politics of rich and poor but with a whole lot of detail. at that time you were really seeing what had been an early stage buildup. it was now a major buildup. it went on to be what we finally saw break apart in 2008. >> we talked about richard nixon. before him, what did you think of lyndon johnson and what is his legacy? >> i was never a fan of lyndon johnson. i don't think his legacy is terrific. he was obviously a very capable man. in a number of ways, he was like nixon. he was suspicious of everybody. he is not going to be remembered as what he would like to be remembered as. obviously, he was capable in doing something, as nixon did some things. -they'rethink johnson - not going to put up a statue of lyndon johnson next to washingto
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)